Tuesday, July 30

Baby D

Well, she really isn't much of a baby these days.  She is growing like a weed and has the attitude and personality to go with it.  She is so full of like and has something to say about everything and everyone.  She will point and then talk and we can barely understand what she is saying, but she has a lot to say. 
She loves to follow her big brother around and do whatever he is doing.  She doesn't care that she is younger and smaller, she will still try and do it.  She loves to wave at people and start talking to them too.  She gets tan quite easily and her hair is getting lighter everyday, especially since she spends so much time outside. 
I am counting down the weeks until she can go to nursery, only about 3 more!  Wahoo!  I am sure she will cause some ruckus in the nursery, ha.  She will be excited to go.  We sure to love baby D.  It's never a boring day with her and toddler T around. 

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