Wednesday, July 17

A Fun Weekend

Last weekend we ended up taking a quick trip up North.  We spent the night in Port Townsend and had a great time.  We explored all along the coast, had a nice dinner on the water and just explored all over the place.  It was absolutely beautiful up there and the weather was perfect too. 
We did have a scare with baby D at the hotel.  Apparently she found some random pill on the floor under the hotel bed and ate part of it.  We were a little freaked out, but after a call to Poison control, she is fine.  We had a late night and an early morning, but still managed to hit up the Farmer's market, grab some pizza, find all of the fun parks and play in the water a little. 
Later that day we headed up to Port Angeles and explored there too.  There was a cool car show going on and we found a yummy donut place there too.  I love have little trips like this and exploring our new state of Washington.  We love where we live! 

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