Friday, March 22

St. Patty's Day

We celebrated a little for St. Patrick's Day this year. Toddler T wore his 'kiss me I'm Irish' pin to church with his green bow tie and baby D wore a little dress with some green in it. We made a trap for the leprechaun's the night before, and he left Lucky Charms, a puzzle and funny green props instead.  It was nothing fancy, just plain old simple fun. 

I read THIS ARTICLE this past week, and just laughed.  It is true, to some degree.  Some parents/families go so overboard for these holidays, that I am exhausted just thinking about how much time they spent.  I like to do something to create a fun memory, but simple is how I roll.  Simple and fun.  Yes, the banner and all of the props are from the Target dollar section and from the dollar store, like I said I like it simple and fun and cheap!  Ha.  Here's to the next holiday. 

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