Friday, February 15

Happy Birthday Darla

While in Reno we celebrated Darla's first birthday. Our little baby is now 1 and she is walking all over the place, going up and down stairs and is just a busy busy body.   We had a yummy Mexican 'cafe rio' type dinner, we sang, her cousins + brother helped her blow out the candle, then we ate cake.  Baby D loved the cake!  She didn't waste anytime. She dove right in and loved every minute of it!  She did a lot better than toddler T did when he turned one. 

After the cake, we cleaned her up and all the kiddies took turns trying to break open the pinata.  The party was a success and baby D loved all of the attention.  She got a few small gifts, but really just wanted all the candy. 

Happy Birthday baby D!  She was very pleased with the party, as you can see from her face. 

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