Wednesday, January 9

Insta Update

Have I mentioned how much I like Instagram? Well I do. Follow me @markielane and you will not regret it. Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately, thanks to IG. 

The sun has been out and are taking advantage.
 Sorry to all the UT people who are living int he inversion. 
I would take a little rain over that any day! 

Toddler T got this new markers for Xmas and he is obsessed with them. 
Thanks Brett and Stacy for the gift. 

Coloring non stop

Baby D wakes up so happy.  I wish I was that happy in the mornings too. 
Someone is ready to walk and finally keep up with her big brother. 

She's still in anything and everything. 

We have 9 am church now, which means lots more time to go on walks and play.
We won't let the cold stop us.

Her new funny face, ha! 

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