Wednesday, January 30

Capital Lake Walk

On Sunday before church we headed downtown and went for a nice walk around Capital Lake. Well, toddler T rode his scooter and the rest of us walked.  The lake is beautiful and the kids love it.  There are tons of grassy areas, paths and great views.  Surprisingly, there were quite a few people there for a cold Sunday morning, I can only imagine how busy it is when the weather is nice out.   

We were a little shook up because on the way to the lake, we got in a little car accident.  We were downtown about 1/2 block away from parking and a sweet little old lady ran a red light and tagged the front driver side of our car.  We were in the wifey's Sonata, (remember that we have two of the exact sames cars!) No one was hurt although toddler T was pretty shook up.  We got hit and our car had literally no damage.  Once again I am glad that we own 2 Sonata's, they really are great cars and we are all safe.  We managed to shake it off and still enjoy the cold crisp air as we talked/scooted around the lake. 

Olympia is a cool city.  We still need to explore all of their little shops and antique stores downtown.  There seem to be a lot of them that are calling our name.  We'll just add it to the long to do list that we already have going on. 

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Jessica F. said...

You guys are out and about so much. Looks like a fun place to live!

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