Tuesday, December 18


Apparently it does snow here is Washington. Our elevation is only about 100 (ish) ft. but we woke up this morning to this sight from the front porch. Isn't it beautiful? We have a small neighborhood that is surrounded by tall pine trees. It makes for a great view. 

Unfortunately I had to leave for work, and I missed out on the snowmen making in the front yard.  The wifey and toddler T finished shoveling the driveway and made these cool snowmen.  The wifey posted a pic on Instagram, that said the following: 

Turner and I made snowmen for Keri and CJ,
with a diet coke for her
and what is supposed to be a golf club and bowling ball for him. 
She started to lean against him but I didn't fix it. 
I thought it was cute that they were cuddling. 
We love you so much Keri and think about you and CJ everyday! 
 Happy Birthday CJ! 
Today happens to be CJ's birthday and you can read the amazing post that Keri write about him and their past birthday celebrations together HERE. 
It really is starting to feel like Christmas around here and we couldn't be happier about it! Tis the season! 

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