Thursday, October 18

Touring Seattle

Since we are new to the state of Washington, we have tons to explore and learn.  I love it.  Maybe that's why I love to move often, ha!  I have been up here in Seattle this week for a job training so the wifey and kids came up and explored the city during the day and I met up with them in the evenings to play.  Seattle is an awesome city, but I think Olympia is prettier!  Maybe I am just biased since I live down South, either way it is nice too have both so close. 

The favorite spot was probably the famous gum wall, just by Pikes Place Market.  Toddler T has been obsessed with gum lately, and he loved being able to chew his gum then add it to the wall.  In fact, he went twice this week, ha! 

The market was awesome.  Lots of seafood and beautiful flowers.  Lots of interesting people and it's so close to the water.  So close that we walked on down and took an awesome ride on the Seattle Great wheel.  The timing happened to be perfect, and the sun was setting as we were on the Ferris wheel.  It was beautiful to see the sunset, the water, the boats, the Space Needle, the downtown buildings and everything else that Seattle has to offer.  Next time we will go on one of the boars/ferry's. 

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Aaron S said...

Wow, I've always wanted to visit Seattle, and your pics make this place look fantastic. Have fun exploring and discovering!

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