Tuesday, October 16

Reunited at Last

The family is here and we are all reunited again!  The wifey + kids drove up from Reno with the in-laws, and they stayed for a few days to help us unload our pod/trailer thing and help us get settled into our new home.  It was so nice to have the help, and it was even better to have all of us under the same roof again.  The kiddos were beyond excited for the new house, and I think we are going to really like it here.  Our neighborhood is awesome!  We met a few neighbors, visited the park in the rain, and even went to our new ward. 

Somehow, we end up picking great areas, that are extremely close to all the stores, church, freeway and water access.  I like it.  Things are going to be good here, I can tell.  Of course, the day that they get here the sun goes away and the rain starts to fall. 

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