Saturday, October 6

Home Sweet Home

We have a home......finally! It will be so nice to move in next week and to finally be together and have all of our stuff again. We have been all over the place for the last 7+  weeks and the time has come to have our family all under the same roof again. 

We ended up choosing an awesome neighborhood. It's outside of Olympia and is within miles of the water. Puget Sound here we come. I feel like we we need to get a little fishing boat or something like that. There are tons of wooded areas around the neighborhood and there are miles and miles of running trails, with plenty of parks for the kiddos too.  Let the unpacking begin!   

Until then, here is our new home and fall is officially here in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently fall does come here too and it is just as beautiful as I remember it being in Utah.



Aaron S said...

Lots of fun colors on that house. Kinda reminds me of Guatemala homes... Felicitaciones!

Matt and Ness said...

It's beautiful. Congrats!

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