Tuesday, September 25

House Hunting

This past weekend the wifey and baby D flew in and we spent a few days looking at houses, lots of houses.  We went from one appointment to the next.  Poor baby D was a trooper.  She would fall asleep and then we would have to get her out again to see another house.  Now, we are just looking at houses to rent right now.  We want to find somethig comfortable and then scope out neighborhoods, schools, etc.... and then we can buy a house.  We offcially closed on our house in Utah, and it feels good to be done.  Now we just need to get a home here in WA, move it, buy another car and then settle into our new life here in WA. 

Toddler T was in Reno for the weekend and we skyped with him and he is beyond hilarious.  He thinks it's so funy to see us on the computer screen.  He just talks to Darla mainly, ha.  He is obsessed with gum lately.  Apparently he chews it all the time and has huge chunks in his mouth.  It was great to see the wifey and baby D, I just may have to fly to Reno and see T though, I miss him!!

Here are some of the pics from the house hunting weekend.  We did a couple fun things too, It wasn't all work, well maybe it was. 

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Meredith said...

Tell Natalie I miss her....it's tuesday, and I miss our Ikea lunches! Hope all is well, and you find a great house!

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