Wednesday, August 29


While packing I came across some really great items that we are either happy that we own, or maybe we should be embarrassed.  Either way they are awesome. 

Doesn't every couple have a huge 3X4 ft. poster of themselves? Ha. 

And Yes, we own every season on Dawson's Creek, don't judge.  Ha. 
We are officially moved out of our house.  We had a bunch of family and friends come over on Monday night and we loaded up the pod/trailer.  (Thanks to everyone who came and helped!)  We fit all of our belongings into a 23 X 9 ft. area of space.  Can you believe it?  We are officially living out of our suitcases/car and will be for the next 6+ weeks.  Crazy!  We have just been cleaning the house, cleaning the carpets and getting everything ready for the new owners.  We are hoping to close on the house this Friday, but it may have to wait until after Labor Day.  Changes are really happening and it feels like we still have so many things to do before we take off this weekend. 

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