Friday, August 31

Farewell Utah

We have loved living back in Utah for the last 18 or so months.  We loved building our first home here, and spending quality time there with our two kiddos.  We have loved being so close to family and friends here in Utah and are a little sad to leave all of this behind.  I will miss the mountains, the lakes, the weather and a few certain restaurants like Cafe Rio and JCW.  But, change happens and you have to go with it as it comes.  I am sure we will find bigger and better in our new state of WA. 

We are beyond excited to move to the Northwest and start this next adventure together.  We look forward to the new job, all of the new people we get to meet and to find our next home sweet home.  It was bittersweet leaving our first home the other night.  The wifey had spent all day cleaning the house and I joined her after work to clean the carpets, do some touch up painting and finish all of the odds and ends.  I was a little sad when I walked out of the house and saw all of the empty rooms.  There were no pictures on the walls, no toys on the floor and it was way too quiet. We have had some good times in this house and we will miss it.  But then again, it's just a house, and we will find another one in WA. 

We have been staying with my parents in the SLC because our house is all cleaned up and ready to close next week.  We have been spending time with friends and family and the wifey took the kiddos to the zoo the other day with some of the cousins and they had a blast.  We are going to miss stuff like that. 

So here's to changes and to moving!  Come and visit us friends and family, we should be settled into a new home in about 6+ weeks.  I am so excited to share our new adventure with you all and want to get you excited to come and visit us. 

Farewell Utah, we will see you again soon! 




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Ashley said...

Good luck up there!! Your kids look enormous!!!

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