Thursday, August 9

CA Road Trip

*There are lots of pics here, so just browse as you please. 

Day 1 - Drove to State line, (Primm, NV) and spent the night there in a hotel.  T was so disappointed because we weren't at the ocean yet. 

Day 2 - Arrived in sunny Southern CA.  First stop was the Pratt's house, to check out their home in San Diego, and then we were off to the beach house in La Jolla.  (Thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting us stay there!)  We unpacked and walked straight to the beach and spent a few hours there that evening. Toddler T thought the ocean was like the wave pool at Seven Peaks so he went running in and got taken out by a real wave, it was awesome and he was a little overwhelmed at first.  He, and baby D both loved the beach and were sad to go at the end of the day.  They played in the sand for hours and hours while we watched and helped them make sand castles and rivers.  T loved to carry his boogy board with him everywhere and loved it when we would pull him in the ocean on it. 

Days 3-5 - Were pretty much spent at the beach.  We went on runs/walks/scooter/beach cruisers in the mornings, then as soon as the clouds would break, we would head to the beach.  We ate/snacked there every day and then would go to dinner or BBQ at the house, it was perfect.  We also went to church and went to see the San Diego Temple on Sunday, but the beach pretty much consumed all of our time, and we were perfectly happy with that.  We bounced around between Tourmaline Surf Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores.  We ate the best burritos/fish tacos and found a good donut spot too. 

Day 6 - Drive back home to Utah.  Adios Beach!

As we were packing up to come home, T said he would rather just stay and that he would even take a nap so we could stay longer, ha!  I wish we could have stayed longer too.  We had a great trip and it was so nice to have just our family together on our first big trip!  Until next time CA, thanks for a fun vacation.   

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Logan Pratt said...

Thanks for letting us tag along! We had a blast!

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