Thursday, July 19

We drove

Last weekend we drove from Reno, NV to SLC, UT with 2 adults, 4 kids all in car seats all under the age of 4.  Ironic, right?!  Ha!  It was quite the drive.  It was loud, we watched movies, there was fighting, screaming, singing, etc.....  It could have been a lot worse, honestly.  We stopped for candy and treats and dinner at McD's, they loved it.  We pulled in late Sunday night, excited to be in our own home, in our own beds!

We had a great time though in Reno.  We hit up Chuck E Cheese, introduced baby D to the downtown Reno nightlife and even saw fireworks!  The kiddos got to see Uncle Dave, who is now the favorite.  It was awesome! 

Until next time Reno. 

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