Wednesday, July 18

5 Months Old

I posted this pic on Instagram the other day and captioned it as #4monthsalready Hello!  She is already 5 months, either I have fat fingers, or the time is just flying by.  Either way, baby D is already 5 months old!!

She  is beefin' up everyday and loves to roll all over the floor and put everything in her mouth.  She is at the stage where you can't hold her and eat.  She has to grab everything in front of her and suck on it.  She drools non stop and has cheeks you just want to squeeze and kiss all the time!!  She is almost sitting up on her own.  Still learning how to control that (big) head of hers.  She loved being out and about last weekend in Reno.  She loved the downtown life, ha!  Everybody was staring at us because we had a baby with us downtown late at night and we were staring at everyone else because they were dressed up like super heroes, ha.  Good times.  It was a fun night!

Baby D really is a great baby!  She is so happy and loves attention.  She just wants someone to look at her and smile and talk to her.  She smiles a lot and even started laughing when toddler T is funny. She loves it, we love it, and we love her!  So here's to baby D, growing up way too fast!

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