Tuesday, July 31

Deseret News 10k Results

We ran the race and it was awesome, like usual.  This race might be my favorite race ever.  The course is perfect and they start earlier than most so it's not as hot.  Last year I was running the marathon, and this year it was just the 10k.  The guy that placed 3rd in the Marathon ran the entire race in Crocs.  Yes Crocs!  You know those plastic looking shoes that everyone says are so comfortable.  Can you believe it?! Go HERE for all of the results. 

I was happy with my time, I finished just after 45 minutes, my dad was at 53 minutes and my little sister Natalie was at 33 minutes and she placed 2nd overall.  How cool is that?  She got $500 bucks but can't accept it because she is pretty much owned by the NCAA since she already signed her running contract/scholarship with BYU.  Still cool though. 

Here are some of the pics that I took with the iphone, of course. I have no other camera, obviously.

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Michelle 2021 said...

Yay! You are fast!

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