Tuesday, July 3

Boys Weekend

Last weekend the wifey was up in Park City with the girls and baby D, so toddler T and I had a boys weekend.  On Friday night, we went on a little run, picked up some new toys from the Dollar Store and played at the park.  The next day, we woke up early, well T did, since we were up, we went for a long run, stopped at the park again, then headed up to the Highland Splash Pad by our house.  Now this is a great splash pad.  They have a col river with rocks, etc.... for the kids to play in that leads to the actual splash pad.  The kids love it, even as much as the moms that were there in their bikinis.  Seriously they were.  I just laughed and texted the wifey to tell her.  Utah County moms will never disappoint. 

We finished the day off with shaved ice, some more toy shopping a quick hamburger for lunch and a nice long nap that afternoon.  When the girls are away the boys will play! 

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