Thursday, July 5

4th of July Celebrations

Wow!  I think the 4th of July may be toddler T's new favorite holiday.  We went from one party to the next all day long and loved ever minute of it.  We started with hanging our flag on the deck.  It looks good.  Then we were off. 

Party #1.
We started our day at our neighborhood kids parade and BBQ.  All the kids decorated their bikes and scooters and they rode up and down the main street by our house.  They all loved it!  They then had some games, photo booth, etc.... while we had a little BBQ and just enjoyed the 4th.  Our neighborhood is awesome and I love where we live!

Party #2
We headed home and took naps so we could get through the rest of the day.  Then we headed to one of our neighborhood parks for the big 4th of July party.  They had tons of bouncy houses, water slides, dunking booth, kids games, face painting, carnival type stuff and more good food.  T loved it all and there were so many people there.  Once again, I love where we live.  Just see for yourself.

Party #3. 
We drove down to Provo after the big neighborhood party and spent the evening with all of the Hawkins family.  My grandparents, and now cousins house is the perfect spot to see the fireworks from Stadium of Fire.  We had a killer BBQ there with everyone, they just relaxed, played and did our own fireworks until the big show started.  Some of my cousins brought glow sticks and made sno cones for everyone.  It was a perfect summer night and the firework show was spectacular.  We packed up after it was over and battled through all the traffic to get home.  It was a perfect day!  God Bless America!!

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