Wednesday, June 13


Baby D is so great.  I just want to squish her little face and legs every second!  She is putting on the pounds and growing so fast!  She is already  3,  wait 4 months old, can you believe it?  She is going in for her 4 month check up later today and hopefully she will score off the charts on her head size and weight, ha!

She is holding her head up really well and rolls around from time to time.  She just wants to sit up and see what's going on.  She likes to be held so she can see everyone, it's funny, she is funny.  She is still pretty bald, just like T was.  Occasionally we put little bows on her head, so people know she's a girl, ha.  I really dislike those huge bows that people put on their babies, they are riduclious, am I right?!  You know if the baby could talk they would tell their parents to take that stupid thing off their head, ha!

poo face. ha.  love it

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