Tuesday, June 12

A Weekend Visitor

Last weekend the wifey's best friend growing up came to visit.  We had a blast having her here with us and we hit up a lot of good spots.  She flew in on Friday evening and we just relaxed at home that night and on Saturday went all over the place!

We headed up to Salt Lake City on Saturday morning and started the day at the SLC Farmer's Market.  There were tons of people there, we tried Nichelle's empanadas and dulce de leche cookies, both were delicious and we can't wait for the food truck!  We loved hearing the music at the market and T got a cool animal balloon from the clown on stilts, ha!  He was scared but insisted that it was worth it for the balloon.

After the market we stayed downtown and headed to City Creek for a little shopping, then crossed the street and cruised through Temple Square, JSMB and other downtown stuff and finished the afternoon off with lunch at Blue Lemon.  It was a great day!

We headed back home and rested for a bit before we met other friends for dinner at Thai Village and a drive up AF Canyon and then ended the night with a movie and candy/popcorn at home on the couch, it was perfect!

Sunday, church was only 1 hour!  They created a new ward in our neighborhood and we are in it, starting next week.  It should be a good change and it was a very much needed change, ha!  Lots of young families in our neighborhood! 

We had a great weekend and can't wait until the next one.  We love summer time! 

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