Tuesday, June 19

Saturday = Boating Day

Last Saturday we took the boat out, and loved every minute of it!  The sun was hot and the cold water felt good!  We were on the water by 9:30 am.  We all skied, wake boarded and swam before we picked up more people to enjoy the fun in the sun.  Toddler T even got in the water with the wifey, and he liked it!  It was Baby D's first time on the boat, and she did pretty good, well as long as the boat was moving, she was ok.  She disliked her life jacket, ha.  By the time we left that late afternoon the line to get in was backed up about 15+ cars and boats, ha!  (I took a mental note not to go in the afternoon.  Get on the water early!)   

Toddler T made me smile when he said, "the boat makes me happy!"  I loved hearing that, because it makes me happy too.  :) 


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