Wednesday, June 20

Father's Day Celebrations

Father's Day this year was great!  I slept in (until 8 am, is that even sleeping in?) had french toast with home made syrup for breakfast and then relaxed all morning until church that afternoon. I even got new shorts from the family!

So, they created a new ward in our neighborhood, and we are in it.  It was the first time meeting together and surprisingly it went very well.  They are still calling people to help run the new ward and get things rolling.  We even ended Priesthood early so we could celebrate Father's Day with apple pie and key lime pie, it was perfect! 

After church we headed up to the parentals house for dinner and the father's day celebration. Dinner was delicious and so was the dessert.  We just talked and the kids played all night.  My sister Natalie was back from Nationals (another blog post coming soon about her success!)  and we loved hearing about her running back east. 

My mom had all of our senior portraits out since my little sister just graduated, and I am still dying over mine.  Check out my awesome bowl cut.  Both Derek and I rocked these for years, ha! 

It was a great day, and felt like another holiday.  If only we got work off!  Oh, well. 
Happy Father's Day to me!

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