Friday, June 8

Jett's Flight Plan

So a buddy of mine, that I grew up with in Salt Lake City has a son, Jett that has a very rare genetic disorder called pontocerebellar hypoplasia.  Jett's parents are loving their time with Jett but they are not sure how long he will be with them.  He will most likely not be able to talk, walk or even sit up on his own.   His parents started a blog call Jett's Flight Plan and you can read it HERE.  It is a pretty incredible story and so many people are reaching out and wanting to help. 

In fact, it was on the front page of today.  You can read the awesome article HERE  Cody's sister is selling t-shirts for Jett's Flight for only $12 and all of the money is going towards medical bills.  They are also posting pics on their blog of all the places that Jett's t-shirts are traveling too.  They have gone to places all over the USA and I am sure there will be even more to come in the future. 

I just ordered t-shrits for my family, if you would like to have one too then email Amy at:

Baby Jett in his tshirt.


Unknown said...

This story breaks my heart. It brought me to tears when I was reading it. My thoughts and prayers go out to this incredible family.

Aaron S said...

Such a sad story, but a great idea with the t-shirts. I just sent an email to order one, so I can get some pics around Washington DC!

Marcus Lane said...

Yes Smyth! That will be awesome.

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