Thursday, March 8

You know you're a parent when....

Now that we are a four person family, it has become very clear that I am a parent.  It's true.  I am a parent.  A parent to two kids.  It is obviously something that I (we) have wanted because, it's finally here.  It just came here really fast, well so it seems.  We have been married for (almost) four years.  Man, time flies.  Below are some the reasons that remind me that, yes I am a parent and proud of it! 

  • There are chocolate milk spills in your bed from some one's sippy cup.   
  • You have memorized your kids favorite books because they always choose to read them.
  • You catch yourself singing the theme song to 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' and other shows. 
  • You refer to your parents (and in-laws) as grandma and grandpa. 
  • You can recognize your kids cry from anywhere. 
  • You take snacks/treats with you whenever you are out and about + a diaper and wipes in the car.
  • You now realize that you sound just like your own father and mother.
  • Where conversations about pee and poo becomes normal. 
  • You refer to the bathroom as "the potty."
Etc...etc... the list goes on and on, but they are some of the top ones for me as a parent.  This is now my life, the life I chose and I wouldn't have it any other way.  So here's to parenting these two stinkers, T and D. 


Geoffrey said...

The cry one is really rather odd from a human point of view, though in the animal kingdom makes sense. With 5 of my own, I find it fascinating - and sometimes annoying, that I can tell who is coming down the hall in socks by their gait, who coughed in the night, and who is laughing too. Even in a crowded room with lots of children, I can pick them out. Sadly, I often know if it's mine that needs the diaper change too. ugh. =)

Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

One day Maizie pooped all over and I mean...literally all over. WEll I changed her and went on with my day. It must have been at least 2 hrs later I was on a walk and looked down at my shirt to see some poop smeared across the front, I just laughed and wasn't even THAT grossed out. ha ha ha. If that would've happened to me before I had kids I would've died. Stuff that that happens all the time and when it does I remember that yeah I'm a parent. Time totally flys and most the time I can't believe I'm married let alone have 2 kids! ha ha! Fun post. and oh geez baby Darla has a million blankets! holy smokes. You guys know some talented folks!

Des said...

I am so wise and parenty now, with two kids of my own and the item on your list I liked the most was the conversations about poo and pee. It is ordinary in our house to have a certain two-year old yelling, "two poops mom, and one baby poop mom...i'm still pooping!!!"

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