Friday, March 9

The Bachelor Poll 2012

The end of the season is finally upon us (just in time for March Madness!)  Who do you think the winner will be?  Will it be Courtney aka "the model" or Lindzi aka "outdoorsy/city girl?"  Who will get the proposal from boring Ben?  At the beginning of the season a bunch of us all picked out favorites and I picked both of these girls.  The model is  a little crazy, but she is good at this game.  She gets it.  I think she took note from Michelle Money's season, ha ha! 

Cast your vote below and leave a comment if you want to tell us why.....  Also, if you want to read Mr. Reality Steve's predictions of what the outcome is then go HERE.  He is usually right about what happens too.  Just you wait and see.  I never really liked boring Ben in the first place so I am excited to move onto the next season where we can watch sweet Emily Maynard and her season.  I hope and pray that they bring Bentley back.  Now that would be a good season to watch!! 

And click HERE for a funny video on the Bach, or HERE for the Women tell all mockery, ha! 

PS-  Don't forget about daylight savings this weekend.  It may finally feel like Spring now and I can't wait to start running outside more.


Christy said...

He's totally going to pick Courney. He shouldn't, but he will. She does have game, but more importantly, he's not in this for a relationship, he's in it for a playmate. That's Courtney.

Katie said...

Totally agree with the comment above...and can't wait to watch it!

Marcus Lane said...

Go Courtney! The model wins!!

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