Saturday, March 3

A new goal for the month of March

Well the month of February has come and gone, we even got an extra day this year because of the whole leap year thing.  My goal of running 20 miles every week was ok.  Although, I have to confess that the week that baby D was  born I did not go running once!!  How sad is that??  But the rest of the month I did good. 

For the month of March I have decided that I need to drink more water, so I am going to drink (at least) one of these every day for the entire month of March!  That's 44 ounces of pure  cold agua! 

I am already on day 2 and I am doing good.  I am sure that I can keep it up too.  Plus water is good for you, well so they say.  It just makes me have to pee a lot more often, ha! 

In other news, I signed up for the race!  At a discounted price, wahoo!  Some of the guys that work there emailed me and gave me a promo code for advertising for them on this blog.  Pretty cool how this whole 'www' thing works.  I like it!   So, we (me + some friends) started a team, and you know you want to join us.  So, when you go HERE to register put the team name as the Dirty Dozen and the Team Captain name is Shields, then you will be with us all, ok?  We are running at the 9 am time.  So get your color me rad on and go sign up.  Let me know if you have any ?'s or issues when you are registering.  Oh and get your discount code on their facebook page HERE. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy all of the snow!!  It finally feels like winter and I am going to get my ski on tomorrow, finally!!

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