Friday, February 24

Pass of all Passes

Last month we finally bought our Pass of All Passes!  They are dirt cheap and you get into so many things, so we couldn't resist.  If you have one too then come out and meet us at one of the cool places so we can play!  So while Grandma was in town last weekend helping out, we loaded up all the kiddies and headed to Trafalga while the wifey and baby D could get some rest without everyone else around, ha!

We had a ton of fun.  We played mini golf, arcades, played in the play place with tons of other kiddies and rode the frog ride and the older kiddies played laser tag.  We finished off the day with orange soda for everyone!  I know we will get a lot out of these passes, we just need the summer to be here so we can hit up Seven Peaks!!  Can't wait. 

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Jamie said...

Hello! I love your new(notnewreallybutohwell) blog!!!

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