Thursday, February 2

I'm still a kid most days

Yes, most days I like to think that I am still a kid.  It's true.  Good thing I have an actual real life kid to remind me of that.  For my birthday the wifey and T got me a scooter!  Ha.  It's a Airwalk Razor Scooter and I love it!  G on over to and get one for yourself, you will not be disappointed.  Santa brought T a 'Cars' scooter for Christmas and he has been asking when I am going to get one, and now I have one, so thanks! 

We scoot around the island in the kitchen every night and can't wait until he get a warmer day where we can scoot outside on the street and sidewalk.  We just need to get helmets!  Let's go get our scoot on! 

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