Friday, January 13

I call it egg toast or hole in the toast.

Have you ever had this before?  Some people call it egg toast, or hole in the toast, or egg in the toast, or eggs in the nest, or egg in a frame.  What do you guys call it?  Whatever you call it, it's good.  I remember eating these as a kid and ever since we moved back to Utah I have been eating these on a regular basis.  Even T likes them. 

The other night we had breakfast for dinner (which I love doing) and I made one of these for me along with the hash browns another egg and another piece of toast, ha!  They are pretty easy to make, just use the top of a cup to cut out the circle, then crack the egg in the hole and fry it.  Some people like to toast the bread before you fry it, but I just spray the pan a little and it works fine.  Then I like it with a little ketchup and some salt and pepper, see:

This was my meal, followed with a bowl of cold cereal of course.  I love breakfast for dinner.  Try the egg toast, or egg in a frame, you will like it!!

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BeastieBoy said...

Egg in a basket or toad in a hole (although toad is traditionally done with a sausage) and no don't eat them because I hate eggs but I have been told that I am quite adept at making them.

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