Thursday, January 12

I must have said my prayers that day


The other day after work T and I headed off to Costco to pick up a couple things.  The wifey was at a church function, so it was just the boys.  We headed in, got a cart, looked at cameras and tv's like usual, then headed for toys.  It's what toddler T was requesting to see.  As we walked down the aisle, I saw a white card, it just looked like a regular membership card to Costco.  I picked it up and soon realized that it was a gift card.  I looked around and there was no one else on that aisle, which is weird because Costco is always packed!  So I took it up front and asked one of the employees and told him about it.  He took the card into the manger office area and then came back a few minutes later and our conversation went a little like this:

Costco Employee:  Well you can have it. 

Me: Wait.....what?! 

Costco Employee:  Ya.  It's all yours. 

Me:  Well someone lost it. 

Costco Employee:  Ya, but no one has come up and asked about it, and we can't just sit around waiting for someone to claim it.  Plus, there is no way to track who bought it, used it, etc....  How much money is on there anyway?

Me:  I don't know.

Costco Employee:  Well call the number on the back and see.

Me:  Dialing the # on my phone watching the employee.  I hang up a minute later and say $100 bucks!

Costco Employee:  Well it's your luck day, it's all yours.  I gotta go, see ya!

Me:  Thanks! 

Now how cool is that?  Sorry to whoever lost the card, but thanks for letting me use it Costco.  I even let T pick something out that he wanted since we had some extra $ to spend and he picked out Toy Story.  We went home with our purchases and watched the movie while we ate popcorn and drank chocolate milk.  I sure am glad I said my prayers that day.  :) 


dannyhaley said...

This is weird. I went to Costco on Friday and had some money on a gift card to use, somehow while shopping, I lost the card!!! But it only had $26 on it, you are so lucky!

Marcus Shields said...

bummer Haley! At least you probably made someone else's day :)

Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

wow! 100 bucks at costco?! that'll get you like 3 things..
haha. I'm kidding. that's awesome, how lucky. But seriously 100 bucks at costco goes so fast. It's crazy.

Jamie said...

not even kidding, I day dream about getting a costco gift card alot!

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