Tuesday, January 3

GOALS for 2012!

The New Year is upon us and that means that everyone will be setting new goals for themselves.  The gym will be packed this week and will slowly back off with the number of people over the month of January, ha! A friend of mine gave me the idea of setting 1 goal for each month throughout the entire year.  So for 2012 I am going just that!  And for the month of January my goal is to not eat ANY candy for the entire month.  I have been good for the first 2 days and plan to do the same for the rest of the month. 

So here's to the rest of the month, being candy free!  I hope you have some good goals set for yourself to where you can better yourself or improve in something on your life.  I will be posting my goal each month, some will be not doing something while others will be physical, mental, etc....  It should be good for me!

* On a side note, we had a fun New Years Weekend and posts are coming up.  And the new season of the Bachelor started.  We will be having our weekly parties again, so come on by if you want!  Ha!

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