Friday, December 16

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

And now some more cool stuff on ugly Christmas sweaters.  So, last weekend right before my ugly Christmas sweater party, my little sister texted me and told me that there were some guys on the Jay Leno Show  talking about how they have made ugly sweater their business and they even wrote a book about it.  It's pretty cool.  You can see the clips HERE and HERE is their website

Their sweaters are pretty pricey, so I am thinking that next year I will sell some of my old ones for way cheaper.  Good idea?  Ha. I hope so.  I am just glad to see that this great idea is catching on and more and more people are hosting their own parties and enjoying this great holiday season!

And if you want to see a funny video of our little family, then click HERE and enjoy it!  Merry Christmas!

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