Friday, December 2

Angel's Landing Hike

While in Zions last week for Thanksgiving we hiked Angel's Landing one day and it was awesome!  I did way back when I was in High School, so it was cool to go again.  We went in the late afternoon and went up and back within 2 hours.  We needed to rush since it was getting dark. 

They have a cool part with all of these zig zag switch backs that is called 'squiggle the wiggles'.  It's the 2nd picture below.  Once you get to the top, the last half mile has chains that you can hold onto because there are pretty steep cliffs on both sides of the narrow trail.  It's pretty cool.  The views are awesome and we met a super funny lady on the trail.  She was ahead of us as were were climbing the chain part and she would turn around and tell us that she farted!  Ha!  She said she was so nervous and it just happens and she wanted to claim them, ha ha ha!  It was so funny.  She would stop every 30 seconds and take pictures of us, etc....etc.... it was pretty funny. 

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