Thursday, December 1

December 1, already

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around out house these days.  T and I hung up the Christmas lights outside of the house this week and last night we set up the Christmas tree(s).  We bought a fresh 6 foot tree from The Home Depot last night and of course the wifey has her pink feather tree up.  They look good.  T has his manger scene up and we even got him some snow globes, nut crackers, and plenty of other Christmas stuff. 

I love this time of year, it is definitely my favorite holiday and I want to make the best of it!  We turned on the Christmas music last night and put the lights and decorations on the tree and just had a good time. 

May we all have a great month and enjoy the holiday spirit!


Chelsea said...

I LOVE that pink feather tree. Where do I get one of those? What's the story? xoxo

shields family said...


Nat's grandma had a big one that she put up every year while she was growing up, and last year in Denver we founf this small one and had to buy it. I am sure you can find one online somewhere...... good luck! Can't wait to see you guys over the holidays!

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