Wednesday, October 26

The weekends always fly by!

It's true.  Why can't the week days go by that fast.  Well if I think about it, they probably do, but there are more of them.  Below is what we did with some instagram pics. 

We made these delicious spice pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  They made the house smell so good and honestly, I ate the majority of them.  The recipe can be found hereThe wifey is going to made a bread like this too, I am sure it will be just as good. 

Just toddler T trying to make a statement.  And maybe it was 'no pants' Friday.  Either way he looks good!  His new shoes are from his bday.  They are the only pair of real shoes that fit him.  I don't count the rain boots as shoes. 
Somebody decided to get up too early on Saturday morning, but it motivated to get my butt in gear and go for a run.  We got 5 miles in that morning and the cool fall air felt good! 
Toddler T hung up the rest of his Halloween decorations from Grandma.  The sliding doors to our deck looks lovely covered in these.  He loves them!! 
We headed down south to Provo to see BYU win!  It was a total blowout, but still a fun game. 

I finally got to try one of the famous 'cougar tail' donuts at the game, and yes it was beyond delicious! 

Driving home on Saturday I spotted this Y all lit up!  Don't we have cool neighbors!  It is just off the back of their house on their deck. 
And of course, we relaxed a little and caught up on some of our tv shows.

It was a great weekend and we enjoyed spending more time together.  Adios!

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