Friday, September 2

Wings, can he fly?

I snapped this photo on the iphone last week just before we left for church.  Look at his blonde, kinda curly wings, aren't they awesome?!  When I was his age I had the exact same hair.  It might of have a little more red in it though, but I had the little curls and wings.  I love it, he looks like a little stud and just may fly away one of these days, ha!

Baby T is talking more and more everyday and picking up on new words and actions too.  He is a little trickster too. He will beg you to get off your seat to follow him and then he will lead you to the kitchen like he wants something to eat, then when you open the pantry door or the fridge he runs back and sits on your seat on the couch and says, "I stole daddy's (or mommy's) seat," and then he just laughs.  It's pretty funny but I have no idea where he learned it.  Was it you Aunt Nat?? 

Everyday is an adventure and we love it!  Can't wait to add another one into our lives.  February can't come soon enough!


Brittany said...

He has the cutest hair- and congrats on the next one!

Matt and Ness said...

Whaa? I had to read that twice. Congrats!

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