Friday, August 26

Men's style, or lack therof

I do not think I am that stylish.  I do however occasionally watch Project Runway and Fashion Police with the wifey.  I notice style and fashion it and like it, but let's be honest I love to wear my tie dye shirts and I cut off all of my pants and make them into shorts every year, ha!  So, a couple weeks ago I was at church in Priesthood meeting.  One of the High Priests sat next to me and we started chatting for a bit.  Just normal talk here and once the meeting started we listened and soon began to sing the opening Hymn.  Halfway through the first verse on the song, he leans over to me and says, "looks like we have the same sense of style, we have on the exact same shoes."  I just smiled, laughed a little and told him that he obviously has a great sense of style.

Now here are the shoes that I was wearing:

The wifey actually bought these shoes for me while she was in Reno this summer.  She texted me pictures of 3 different pairs and these were my favorites, so I told her to get these.  They have those cool tassels on them and I love them, even if they are 'old man high priest ' shoes.  I have another old pair similar to these, but the sole has completely worn away.  I can't throw them out though, I like them and they are so comfortable.  I need to have the sole replaced so I can keep wearing them, but that probably costs more than the new pair does.  Oh well, until then I will keep wearing my old man church shoes and looking for my next tie dye adventure. 

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