Thursday, August 25


This is my grandma Shields and she is awesome!  I look up to her.  This picture was taken at the annual Neck N Nog Wassail Party 2 years ago.  yes, she comes to them and loves them.  If she hears about a party and she was not invited then she feels left out, it's true.  We love to have her and always invite her. 

Any one who knows her knows that she loves to talk about all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  And trust me, there are a lot of them!  She shows up at every family event and is always up for an adventure.  Seriously she is.  When we went boating a couple weeks ago, she came to the lake, in her swimsuit all ready to go.  When she came to lake Powell with is a couple summers ago, she did the exact thing.  She even wanted to get on the tube and get a pull with some of the kids.  How cool is that? 

I only hope and pray that I can be adventurous as she is.  Go G-ma we look up to you in so many ways!  See you at the next party!


Krissy said...

That is awesome! What a fun lady.

dannyhaley said...

Great tribute to grandma!

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