Monday, July 25

Music Monday - Wave Your Flag world cup song 2010

This song was pretty much the theme song for Lake Powell this year. It's great! It was one of the World Cup songs from last year, and it's great. Even the little kiddies loved to listen to it on the boat and on the drive home.

The past few weeks have been beyond busy.....lake powell, reno, family reunion, a wedding, the marathon, friends moving away, and a missionary leaving this week. Lots of updates to come soon.


Natalie said...

Ah best song! Always reminds me of Powell.

Ashley B-Janke said...

I SAW YOU RUNNING THE MARATHON TODAY!! I was on my way to the parade when I thought I saw you at a red light. Then I passed you again and realized it was you. I wish I'd had time to give you a little shout out. Anywho...I hope it went well!

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