Monday, June 6

Music Monday - Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful

Last week we watched the movie Wicker Park with some friends. I love this movie. I own this movie, which is weird because we only own about 25 movies. The movie is great, the love story is so messy and complicated and the soundtrack just makes it that much better.

This song is obviously a good one, and so is the Coldplay song The Scientist at the last scene when they are finally reunited in the airport. Such a great scene.  It makes me want to go to Chicago and visit Wicker Park for myself, someday I will do that, until then I will enjoy this song and all of the other good ones on this soundtrack, you should too!


dannyhaley said...

I haven't seen that movie, maybe I can borrow it? We will come see your new casa soon!

shields family said...

ya you can borrow it when you come see the house. its a deal!

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