Tuesday, June 7

Motorcycle Trip 2011

Last week was the boys annual motorcycle trip and of course it was awesome! I have been going on these trips since I was 12, and my dad and his brothers went with their dad while they were growping up too.  It is an annual tradition in the Shields Family that will go on probably for forever!  Someday baby T can go with me. 

This year we camped down south by Hatch. We had 40+ guys riding and camping and found some awesome trails all around and got to see some amazing scenery.

It was nice weather during the day, perfect for riding, but it got pretty cold at night.  We rode up to some snow and because of all of the water this year we had to cross a couple rivers that were roaring!  It was fun stuff. 

It was another success and I can't wait until next year.

I forgot to take my real camera and I only had the iphone on me for 1 day, then it died. 
So here are a few pics.......

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Chelsea said...

What no details! My favorite parts are hearing all the stories. For us girls, you are as close as we ever get! :)

shields family said...

you'll have to call for details chels!

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