Friday, June 24


I know, this is a little late, but Father's Day actually has a meaning to me now.  It's like another little holiday or birthday.  Who wouldn't like it, right?!  Now, I know that baby T is a little too young to fully understand this, but after we picked him up from my parents house in the middle of the night, (late night coming back from OR) and I saw this little picture that he made at church, I just had to smile. 

I like to take him in the stroller too, we have 'our' time when we go running everyday.   

The wifey also got me a new drill!  I have been saying over and over about how we will need to borrow a drill to do the next few projects that we have planned for the house, but now we can do them on our own.  Gracias. 

It feels great to be a parent, and see everything that goes on in your child's life.  Baby T gets to excited about every little thing, I love it.  Everything is new and exciting to him. 

My cousin posted this article that was on CNN and I love it!  It is a huge wake up call for all Fathers to get out there and be involved in your kids life.  He gives the 10 commandments of righteous fatherhood, which should already be happening, but if they aren't then get on it fathers! 

I am so glad that I have a great job, that is close to home where I can help out more, and when baby T is older I can be more involved in his school, sports, music, etc....etc....  It feels great to be a father.  I would love it if I could there for every little things that happens, but I can't.  But we do have iphones to capture most things on video and to take snapshots.  Thanks you technology and here's to fatherhood!  (High Five!)


Chelsea said...

Love it. Love you!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

I swear Ryan wants to name our next son DeWalt he is that obsessed with his drill. Hopefully you are having as much fun with yours around the house.

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