Friday, May 13

Marathon Training

A marathon consists of running 26.2 miles, and that is it.  Easy enough, right?  I wish it was.  I want to train for real this time and so I will keep a basic log of all the days I run, the distance, pace, location and calories burned, just because.  Now, I realize that this is not 100% accurate, but it's still nice to have a general idea of whats going on, ya know?  So here is the first few weeks of my log all thanks to the runkeeper app! 

Wednesday April 27, 2011 - I officially signed up for the race.  And I ran that night.

April 27 - 6.47 miles in Salt Lake City, UT.  8.38/min pace, 805 calories burned. 
April 28 - 8.13 miles up Hobble Creek Canyon.  8.47/min pace, 1013 calories burned. 
May, 2 - 4.1 miles trail running in Draper, UT.  9.16/min pace, 479 calories burned. 
May, 3 - 5.33 miles through the streets of Mapleton, UT.  8.38/min pace, 665 calories burned.
May 4 - 10.31 miles up Hobble Creek Canyon, UT.  9.03/min pace, 1282 calories burned. 
May 6 - 6.23 miles through the streets of Springville, UT.  8.33/min pace, 774 calories burned. 
May 7- 1.9 miles hiked the Y Mountain.  Did not track the pace, calories, etc......
May 9 - 3.99 miles to the base of Hobble Creek, 8.36/min pace, 477 calories burned.
May 11 - 10.9 miles up Hobble Creek Canyon, 9.31/min pace, 1358 calories burned.

I love this picture from our run last night.  Baby T put his hands behind oh his as we were walking around the block to cool down acting like he was so exhausted from the long run, ha!  Love that kid!

Wish me luck!!  And honk if you see me on the streets.  I am sure there will be more updates of the training in the future. 

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