Monday, February 28

a little road trip to san fran....yes please!

we took off last weekend for a little mini vacation with friends logan & lisa.  they were going to check out a couple law school options and we joined them for the adventure.  it was their first time there and we packed in a ton of stuff to do. 

we left baby turner at with g+g challis (thank you!) in reno and had a very eventful weekend.  it started out slow because I-80 was CLOSED on friday morning because of the snow so we could not get over donner pass.  so, we had an amazing lunch in reno at awful awful instead, walked around downtown and saw a movie.  then it was finally open and we took off to the big city.

we started out at ghiradelli square, followed by lombard street, and we even found the painted lady full house house and took pics in front of it.  definitely a highlight of the trip, ha!  we spent the night there in the city, and the next day we checked out some law schools, toured alcatraz, pier 39, fisherman's wharf, ate clam chowder for lunch, rode the famous cable car, shopped, visited the golden gate bridge, sausalito, more of the city, had dinner and called it a day. 

here are some of the pics from our iphones.  we actually did take some with our camera and will post those later.  overall it was an excellent trip.  more pics to come soon, so stay tuned friends. 

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