Thursday, February 24

3 year blog anniversary

this blog has been up and running for 3 years now, wahoo!!  the time really flies.  we had just gotten engaged back then when this started and we were planning our wedding and decided to share our lives for many to see.  now, there seems to be a lot of criticism about blogs, both positive and negative.  some people prefer to keep them private while others put way too many things where you probably think tmi.....ha!  i have mixed feelings about both and could debate on either side, just try me. 

whatever your feelings are, we are bloggers and we enjoy it and we hope you do too!  i enjoy the blogging world.  it lets me keep in touch with many friends and family members that live in all different parts of this rather large united states.  they go from the east coast, (hi jess, chels and mike) all the way to the hawaiian islands (aloha stephanie!)  and to central america where some of my mission friends in guatemala can have a glimpse of our life, post mission. 

we don't get to see these people on a normal basis and it is nice to see them, their kids and their families, their adventures, their struggles, etc....etc.... in this wonderful blogging world, it's awesome!  plus it is a nice way to keep an online journal of what our lives are like.  i am sure one day our children will look back and see what they were like as children and how much everything has changed.  how can you not like the blogging world? 

what are your thoughts and/or opinions? 

anywho, last night we celebrated out friend sara's big 24th bday at red rock in slc.  it was delicious and it is always fun to go to dinner with good friends.  we have a big weekend planned and will post pics of it once we get back, stay tuned friends and family.

here are a few pics, just because it wouldn't be a good post without pics. 

 the wifey's at dinner. 

t.  on the floor doing who knows what.  


Kate Challis said...

Not 100% sure about this, but I mostly think my in laws (as in, all of them...mother, father, sisters etc.) think blogging is silly. But I like it a lot and definitely have come to the same conclusion: I'm a blogger. There you go. And like you, I could probably debate either way. You are really good at blogging, btw. I'm constantly putting my foot in my mouth whereas your blog is always happy and awesome.

So congrats on this blogaversary haha.

salt lake city slickers said...

couldn't agree more kate!

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