Thursday, February 17


isn't the iphone great?  it really does make my life easier and more enjoyable.  as cheesy as that sounds, it really does.  here are some of my favorite apps for this week:

  • instagram
  • hipstamatic
  • words with friends (has been on the list for months)
  • hey tell
what are some of yours?? 


Katie said...

Totally! I was totally one of those anti-iPhone person... Thought I should have a phone that can call and text- that's it. But... Then I got an iPhone.... Oh my gosh- AMAZING! I could totally live without it, but I wouldn't be as efficient. You can get so much done so quickly.

I heard on the news yesterday about a village that has no running water.. They walk a mile to get fresh water and use the bathroom- but they have smartphones!

stephanie joy said...

i'm gonna have to look some of those up!

i'm currently using: facebook, gospel library, MoreLomo, Flixster, Vint B&W, and The Onion a lot. The kids like DressChica (that one has saved my a one too many times on a long car ride with asher), and PBS kids PhotoFactory.

salt lake city slickers said...

i use the morolomo too and the onion is a must! send more our way if/when you find them!

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