Friday, January 28

music, what does it mean to you??

since being back in UT, i have the opportunity to commute a little further that i did in CO.  i drive the little toyota, and the radio does not work.  it is stuck on 1 station and here in UT 96.1 is not a station.  in CO it was, so i was ok.  i now have the ipod/iphone plugged in non stop.  i enjoy listening to the iheart radio app, pandora, or sometimes i shuffle on my old skool ipod.

i haven't updated the music on this ipod in quite some time.  it has tons of music on it though, thousands of songs!  i bought it maybe 5 years ago and put my music on it and updated it often, then when i got married we added some of nat's tunes to it but haven't done much since then. 

i have a wide taste of music (don't judge) and it has a little bit of everything on it.  i am a radio/music junkie and enjoy all types of music.  that is why the shuffle option is best for me.  it goes from a little old skool country, to some lame techno song that i would love to run too, to some spanish music, to teeny bopper music.  whatever the song is, each of these songs brings back some type of memory though.  don't you have songs like that?  that as soon as you hear them, a memory pops into your mind.  you  know what i am talking about, right?

for example, yesterday on my way home from work i heard the following songs and they each reminded me of something:

  • carrie underwood - jesus take the wheelwhile working in park city, i use to belt this song out while driving to work with friend nicole.  she use to video me and send it to fellow co-workers.  i am glad no one has a copy of it.
  • shakira - ciega sordomuda: reminds me of walking the streets of guatemala and hearing shakira over and over.  i fell in love with her music right then and there. 
  • dashboard confessional - so long sweet summer: oh dashboard......i have loved going to their concerts over and over again with cousins jess and brityn!  we should go again!
  • ben harper - diamonds on the inside: reminds me of derek, my very talented hermano.
  • tom petty - you don't know how it feels: pretty much sums up my junior high years!  this was the first concert that i ever went to.  brett, haley, derek and my parents were there too, it was awesome!!
i think you get the idea and i hope this happens to other people too.  please share if you can relate and let's all continue to love music and make more memories! sorry this is such a random post. 


Nicole said...

I would give ANYTHING to have a copy of that video- I think it is EXTREAMLY blog worthy and would finish this post off well!

Brityn said...

Looks like we had the same musings this week (as you saw on my facebook status). Truly, every single song on my shuffle is totally different and reminds me of very specific events and people. 'Forest Service' music and Dashboard make me especially nostalgic. I will be listening to Dashboard LONG after it's cool (Rich already makes fun of me and I ignore) because it reminds me of my favorite times at BYU with my very best friends/cousins! I say let's keep going to concerts. Find one and I will meet you and J!

salt lake city slickers said...

Oh that would be great Brityn!! I am on the hunt to see where they are touring.

dannyhaley said...

That Tom Petty concert was the best! I still love all your songs. But what about Wilson Phillps, on your IPOD I hope! HA

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