Friday, October 22

1 year old

while in UT, turner had his 1 year old dr. appt  with shots and all.  here are his stats:

  • length - 30.5 in. - 73%
  • weight - 20.61 lbs. - 18 %
  • head circumference - 18.7 in. - 81%


keri mae rhineer said...

love the baby nugget

Jessica F. said...

Darling boy!

I remember that we turned Sterling's car seat and after we went to his one year check-up. My doctor proceeded to inform me that she recommended keeping them facing backwards till they were 2... YA RIGHT. We kept him forward. They love it. Just look at that cute face on Turner!

Nichelle said...

happy birthday turner! our oscar is the same weight! hahahaha what a chunk

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