Tuesday, September 7


so there i am at the denver airport, in the huge economy parking lot, looking for my car. 
so picture this scenario if you will:

11:32 pm - plane lands at the denver airport.

11:40 pm - finally off the plane with carry on luggage in tow.

11:44 - ride the train to the ground transportation area.

11:50 pm - wait for shuttle outside to take me to my car in the mt. elbert parking lot. (which is way out in the corn field area...seriously it is)
12:01 am - still waiting for the shuttle, along with about 50+ other angry and tired people now. 

12:05 am - shutlle finally shows up, i load the shuttle and it is packed to the max.  the driver had to ask a few people to get off and wait for the next one.

12:15 am - arrive at the mt. elbert parking lot.  there is no pa system in the shuttle bus so no one knows where to stop or where to get off. 

12:19 am - i finally just get off to get away from all of the confused people and start walking, with my carry on luggage in tow.

12:22 am - it finally dawns on me that i have no idea where i parked the little toyota, i laugh and continue walking and looking. 

12:25 am - still walking up and down the aisles looking for my car.

12:32 am - i finally remember that i left a note in my iphone in the notes section reminding me of where i parked.  i looked and it read C-19. 

12:33am - i finally arrive at the car and continue to get out of that dreaded parking lot.

12:35 am - (as i think to myself) just as a side note - as i entered the parking lot last friday, i was told that you could only pay in cash.  so i made sure i had enough and as i was leaving, it was credit only!  the cashier only works until 11 pm, ha! 

12:38 am - call nat to tell her what happened and that i made it home safe.

1:10'ish am - arrive back home to the apt.  completely exhausted.......

-now this may seem like a pointless story, but it is not.  i had to park here in the first place because the other 2 parking lots that are closer were both full when i flew out last friday. it is a long story in the first place, and this just tops it off, ha!

the weekend was awesome though.  we forgot to take the camera, but we have a few iphone pics to share soon.


Nate and Julie said...

Next time just park your car at our house and we'll drive you. Seriously, we probably live closer than the corn field parking lot and we'll be on time to pick you up, unlike the shuttle. Seriously, we don't mind, it's not a big deal, call us next time.
P.S. Glad you found your car, because that is totally something I would do!

marcus lane said...

thank you cousin! i rushed to get there on friday after work and I flew in late last night, so I felt bad asking.

good to know that are willing though for future flights.

are you guys still going to the BYU game this weekend? Jeff and Pat will be here so we should meet for din din or something......

dannynstephstoddart said...

Duhhhh... There's an app for that! ;) PS i very much dislike the Denver Airport... then I got to Seattle's, and it was just as bad if not worse! I guess I took for granted the SLC and ONT airports that I have frequented all my life! Glad you are liking Denver more than we did!

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